Brows our extensive collection of fireplaces. From design to installation, we can help your fireplace project stand out.

Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct Vent Fireplaces use a single flue pipe to draw in fresh air and to send hot combustion gasses  outside your home.
Direct Vent Inserts

These units are placed within existing masonry or pre-fabricated fireplaces. They give you the option of a brand new fireplace without the expense of a remodel.
Wood Burning/Gas – (pre-fabricated)

Burn wood without the expense of a masonry firebox. These fireplaces can also house a set of gas logs, if you prefer the look of an open fire without the hassle.
Wood Burning Insert

Convert your existing fireplace into a heating powerhouse with a wood-burning insert.
Full Masonry

Using IsoKern precast fireboxes, we can work with your builder or help you establish a relationship with one of our masons to accomplish a truly custom look.

These fireboxes draw air from inside the home and vent it outside. Consult with a salesperson to see if this system will work for your project.

A solution to projects located in spaces where venting is expensive, or impossible. Consult with a salesperson to see if vent-free will work for your project.

Cents per hour to operate, and can be installed in any location. Electric units offer a safe option for fire-features in apartments retirements communities, and rental properties.

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